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The Puccioni Mules:  Our family used a Mule and a plow until 1968. My grandfather had four mules through the early and mid 1900s -- his favorites were Jack and Prince.
Prince, our last mule, would always come home at 6pm whether or not my grandfather was done in the field. You could say we were and are as stubborn as  Prince when it comes to "doing things the right way".

The Puccioni Mules are stubborn about their wine and only want it the right way that is the Puccioni way of course.  We invite you to be stubborn in your support of Puccioni Vineyards by joining the Puccioni Mules.  Periodically we will send you an update and newsletter and give you more information about when and how you can buy Puccioni Vineyards' wine.

The Puccioni Mules: stubborn about Puccioni Wine!

Louie Puccioni (middle)
working the family vineyard-1925

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