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Puccioni – Stubborn as a Mule about making great wine!!

Welcome to our new Website – Finally!

Have you ever worked on a project and known that eventually you would finish it – even if every step of the way you anguished and fretted over getting it done? Well then you can relate to our process of developing a new website for Puccioni Vineyards. We have finally made it into the 20th (or is that 21st or 1.0,, etc) century. As you know we started in 1904 with the purchase of Puccioni Ranch by my great grandfather and it only took us 114 years to get a real website. (I need to thank Kelly of Anova Digital for holding our hand thru the process – Thank you).

Our goal with our new website is to be able to interact more with our family and customers who enjoy our wines and give them a place to get more information and stay up to date and also order our wines online. Also we have added a new Puccioni Mules Wine Club where you can sign up to get Puccioni wines sent to you every few months. As we launch our new site we welcome your feedback – please take a look and let us have your comments.

The most important thing to do is sign up for our Puccioni Mules List – so we have your current contact info and can send you notices when we have new releases. You can join our Puccioni Mules Wine Club and make sure you get the wines before anyone on a regular basis too.

Also we have ways to talk about our Puccioni Wines by following us on social media facebook and Instagram.

Our brand will continue to be small and unique and represent and display the wines from our family ranch in Dry Creek Valley. If you like our wines please share this information with your friends and let them know what we are doing. People recommending our wines to their family and friends is how we have gotten the word out.

Now we have a new website that will also help for people to discover Puccioni and enjoy drinking our wines from vines planted by my great grandfather over 114 years ago.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to staying in touch with each of you and answering any questions you may have.

Glenn and Laurie

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