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Coselli, Italy,
original home of Angelo Puccioni
Louie Puccioni as a young man Louie Puccioni with family pet The Puccioni
Puccioni Family Reunion, 2005
Louie Puccioni
with mules
Deneen and Glenn Proctor with Grandfather Louie Puccioni Puccioni Family in Coselli Italy Salute:
Glenn Proctor, Winemaker
Glenn Proctor,
Dr. Joel Levine, Angelo Puccioni



Glenn & Laurie at the ranch

Our newest cousin

Crush 2006


Habu & Muddy

the boys

July 2008

camping Aug 2008 Ranch Jan 2010

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P.O. Box 3353, Santa Rosa, CA  95402-3353
Phone: 707-576-8490